So, I made Kombucha this week. Kombu  what??  Kombucha. Never heard of it??

Kombucha is refreshing, tangy, fizzy beverage made with sweet tea that is fermented with a blob-like culture called a “scoby” or referred to as a “mushroom”, even though it’s not actually a mushroom.    It’s a pro-biotic drink that supports good health in a variety of ways.  I’m really happy with the way my first batch turned out, and I’m hoping to make Kombucha brewing a regular part of my kitchen routine.  I followed the instructions from the Happy Herbalist.  There are lots of variations I can play with in the future, but for now, I’m happy with the simple black tea version.  I purchased my scoby/ mushroom from the Kombucha people at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market.

This is my bottled Kombucha.

This is my scoby:

Crazy looking, huh?

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