Soup Creation

I was determined to make dinner last night without going to the grocery store. I made some beef stock during the day from soup bones I bought for dirt cheap from Olde World Farms at the farmers market.  (They’re my new favorite meat and egg providers).  So, I wanted to proceed to make some kind of soup with the nutritious broth and surveyed what little I had in the fridge and cabinet and brainstormed various combinations  and consulted some of my favorite cook books for general ideas. This is what I came up with.  We can call it beef coconut cabbage soup.

I cooked 1 c of brown rice in 1 small can of coconut milk. I thew in part of a leek to flavor the rice while it cooked.

I sauteed two big handfuls of chopped savoy cabbage in coconut oil until well wilted. I added a splash water a couple of times to help them cook without burning.  I added few shakes of soy sauce to the cabbage to flavor it towards the end of the cooking.

Then I pulled the little bits of meat off the soup bones to put back in the broth, and grated some ginger into the soup pot, and added the brown rice, and cabbage. I seasoned the soup with some more soy and tasted the soup. I found it to be too salty, so I opened up a second can of coconut milk, and added about a half can until the broth was creamy and less salty, but still full of beef broth flavor.  I served the soup with lemon wedges and chopped leeks for garnish, and some whole wheat bread & butter.

It was a very simple soup and an uncomplicated dinner, but it was very satisfying and full of great nutrition!!

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