Pioneer Woman Weekend

I’ve had the Pioneer Woman’s lovely cookbook for some time now, but I haven’t been inspired to cook from it until recently when our friend Tori cooked some of her delicious recipes.   This cookbook is no longer on the shelf collecting dust with my 30+ other cookbooks (my husband and I have a book-buying problem).

Last night I made Penne a la Betsy from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook.  I cook versions of shrimp pasta often, but this is probably one of the best ones I’ve ever made. It must be the wine!

Tonight I’m going to try her meatloaf.  The last time I cooked meatloaf, it was as hurricane Ike was rolling in to the Gulf Coast and we were bracing for impact. I had just gotten my new food processor and wanted to try it out. I was so sure the power was going to go out as I was laboring over the feast. It didn’t. The recipe was one from my mother-in-law, and it was very very good meatloaf.

Graham and I were invited to our friends’ house in Ohio and they asked me if there was anything we didn’t like to eat, and I told them there wasn’t.  When I hung up the phone with them Graham said “I hope they don’t make meatloaf.” Guess what we had for dinner that night? It was wonderful meatloaf, and it certainly changed our perception of meatloaf.  Soon after that, another friend introduced us to a meatloaf sandwich at the Fern restaurant in Findlay, that was also surprisingly enjoyable. Meatloaf has such a bad reputation, but we were enlightened to the fact that meatloaf can actually be darn good.

So we shall see how the Pioneer Woman’s recipe scores on the meatloaf scale — but I have high hopes! Off to the kitchen to get that prepared while the baby is still asleep!

One thought on “Pioneer Woman Weekend

  1. Gwen–After reading your comments on meatloaf, I have to give you my recipe. I found it in a childrens’ cookbook when I was in 4th grade which would have been 1960! I still have the original copy in my childish printing with tomato sauce stains on it. It is what I made when Del Donahue filmed at my house and we served it to him. Mine is a real comfort food. Jerry makes a modern one with pine nuts from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Very good but it doesn’t have the “history” that mine has. Happy cooking and baking to you three!

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