Goat Farm

Yesterday we visited Swede Farm. We really appreciate the tour of their family goat farm and dairy operation.

Ephraim’s buddy got to hold a one-day-old baby goat, and we got to bring home some delicious fresh milk and yogurt.  We also saw some turkeys, chickens, alpacas, and dogs. Thanks to the sweet Carlson family for hosting our visit and providing us with great products!  We will be buying more good stuff from these guys at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market.


6 months old!!!

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Ephraim is half a year old!! I cannot believe it! He’s so much fun, and is developing a lovely little personality. We love him to pieces.


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Ephraim is so calm and happy when we’re outside! Actually, he’s calm and happy most of the time–but especially outside! The weather has been pretty much perfect lately. Pictures turn out 100 times better outside too! We had a little photo shoot the other day.

good bread at last!

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After a year of bread baking struggles to create a respectable loaf of bread, and after lots of perseverance and experimentation, I have finally made 3 great loaves of bread in a row!!  I feel like I can finally say that I have some idea what I’m doing with this bread baking thing! Thanks to my smaller, 8.5 x 4.5 in pan and Peter Reinhart’s delayed fermentation recipe from his whole wheat bread cookbook, I’m so pleased!

Zoo Day

I’ve been wanting to go to the Houston Zoo for a very long time, but I’ve always thought it would be much more fun with kids. Ephraim and I went with our friends last week and enjoyed the beautiful weather and all the animals and trees and flowers.

The highlight for me was these enormous African cattle with the biggest horns I’ve ever seen!