Happy Morning

It’s a bright an sunny morning. Ephraim and I were up early, so we watched some of the lovely British Royal Wedding, and then we had a tasty waffle breakfast to celebrate Daddy’s first day home with us.  It’s a good day, and it’s only 9:00!  Ephraim are heading out to the pleasant morning air to work on weeding the front garden bed to prepare to sell our house…after we finish jamming to some Earth Wind and Fire.  Happy Friday!


Getting Around!

Ephraim loves his walker. He’s getting quick, and hard to keep up with! There are chairs and such strategically placed around the house to block him from all the kid-unfriendly items. He’s so curious, exploring his world–and he reminds me of a little bug scooting all around in that thing.

What a smile!

Demonstrating his maneuverability skills.

Love that crinkly stuff!!

A New Season

It’s official!  The Roaches are embarking on a new adventure. We are ready to become farmers.  We’re planning to jump into spring planting season at our place in North Carolina in a few weeks! Yes, we are moving!  So many things have lined up for us in the past year to make it clear that this is very much the right next step for us to take. We can’t wait to get started raising healthy, fresh food in our own back yard!

Cheers to a new season of learning how to grow things! …  To friends new and old, and to life and the adventures it brings!

a weekend away

We spent the weekend at at our friends’ family’s gorgeous ranch with a bunch of great Texas friends.  Ephraim had his first experience swimming in a pool, and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather and lovely scenery, lots of good food, and fun times with everyone.

Ephraim in action

Graham recently put some great little videos of Ephraim on flickr. Here are the cute little snippets.

Who’s that kid in the mirror?

Telling Daddy a story.

He usually goes to sleep wrestling with his bear.

Trip to Cleveland

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Ephraim and I went to visit my family in Cleveland and to meet the newest addition to my sister’s family–little baby Alex. Ephraim was a perfect traveler–sleeping for much of the flights and playing contentedly in the empty row we were blessed to have on both the flights there and back!!  His neighbors commented at how good he was, which is always a good thing!!

We had a great time playing with Ephraim’s cousins, and hanging out with my parents and Diana & Mark. We even managed to take a trip to delicious Lucky’s Cafe.  Their corned beef hash was to die for!  We also walked around the madly crowded West Side Market on Saturday & got Daddy some of the famous beef jerky from Czuchraj meats (how do you EVEN pronounce that!).  Ephraim has certainly had a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks, has his first two teeth cutting through, and is learning to scoot sideways and roll a lot–he’s soon to be mobile for sure!  Daddy was so happy to see his little guy when we returned!