Rockin’ Out

I was feeling nostalgic for some Vineyard music, so we were listening to a little Jeremy Riddle today, and Ephraim picked up these 2 paint stir sticks on his own and started “drumming”.   The camera is super shaky because I was dancing around to encourage him. Anabeth — I think he wants to come to Colorado to  play in your band.



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Ephraim’s 11 months old. I can’t believe his first birthday is just around the corner. He’s loving practicing climbing, and the cuteness is never ending.

Belly Laugh

I’m not sure why a sneeze is so hilarious, but it certainly produced some hearty laughing. This is just the tail end of what was a terrifically amusing laughing fit.

Uh Oh!

Yikes!! Ephraim is officially climbing stairs! Time to up our game in the baby-proofing arena!