tomato basil harvest

I am SO far past due for some good garden photos. I’ll try to share those soon.

We have been harvesting some colorful little cherry tomatoes.

The golden ones are called Sungold–they taste like little pops of sunshine!

My little herb garden is producing more basil than we know what to do with! And there’s MORE up in the main garden!

This was just a little trimming I pureed to save for soups and sauces.  I have a lot of pesto to make! I’ll probably dry some of the basil, and I’m also trying to figure out if it would be reasonable to extract my own basil essential oil for the fragrance.

I SERIOUSLY have to get some good mozzarella cheese to go with the basil and tomatoes…..or make some. We’ll see.  We should be getting lots of bigger tomatoes coming in soon!

2 thoughts on “tomato basil harvest

  1. Gwen, Your Yiayia grew up eating cooked dandelions. Really. I don’t see those amongst your plants to eat though. Maybe I could find you a recipe. (kidding) ….mom

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