A tour of our garden

This is what our veggie garden looks like.

In this section we have different kinds of pumpkins, winter squash, and green beans behind that, and corn behind that.

This is where the potatoes and tomatoes are growing.

And then we have the melons, more winter squash varieties, cucumbers on the tepees, tomatoes, and behind all that (and not shown) are peppers and summer squash.

The watermelons are getting bigger.

I picked some cantaloupe today.

And some cherry tomatoes for our salad tonight, and an acorn squash.

And all this!! Those green spotted oval squash are a mysterious breed that was supposed to actually be spaghetti squash, which is yellow. I’ll be interested to see what it looks like inside!!!

4 thoughts on “A tour of our garden

  1. How awesome!! I’m going to have to leave this climate after seeing your bounty! Let’s just say a small container garden in the worst drought on record has not fared as well as yours!! lol

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