We have more chickens!

We got 12 more hens and a rooster last week! The hens are young, and some are just starting to lay eggs, and the others should be starting to give us eggs soon.

We’re getting about 6 eggs a day now.

Ephraim is CRAZY about the chickens. Visiting with them is his favorite thing to do these days.  He already says “chicken” and “bawk bawk bawk” — all the time!

The first few nights the chickens were here, they didn’t figure out they were supposed to sleep in their coop. We had to fish them out of the nearby trees each night to put them in their home.  They’re more familiar with where to sleep and lay now. Each day, their house gets moved to a new spot in the yard for them to fertilize, and their fence gets moved to fresh grass every few days. They’ve done a great job cleaning up the weeds in our yard!

2 thoughts on “We have more chickens!

  1. HOW GREAT!!!! Love these pictures!!! So exciting to see this dream of you & Grahms become a reality!!! thanks for the blog link!

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