Latest members of the farm


We started raising 26 meat chickens about a month ago.

They’re the Freedom Ranger breed, which is different from the most common breed raised for chicken meat. They take longer to grow out (9-11 weeks) than the standard grocery store chicken, but they’re better for raising on pasture.

They’ve grown up quickly!  They’ve been cozy in a refrigerator box in the barn, with plenty roaming around the nearby outdoor area.

Graham built them a new home for them to live in on the pasture.   Ephraim had to inspect the construction before they could move in.

They seem to be happy in their new pad.

That’s them in the front, and the layers are in the back. The layers are giving us a great supply of eggs for our family, and it’s just a matter of weeks before we’ll have some delicious chicken pot pie!!


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