Bye-Bye Pigs

Our two pigs don’t live here anymore. It’s been interesting trying to explain that to Ephraim, who still wants to visit them in the barn and bring them acorns.  Graham just got back from the processor with some hopefully-delicious meat.  He only took the black and white pig to the processor on Monday.  Her companion died Saturday night after laying behind the barn all day refusing to eat or drink or move at all.  She had been gradually losing her appetite for a few weeks and we were just waiting it out to see if she’d get better.  We’re sad to just have 1/2 the pork for the effort and investment we put in, but we have a feeling of accomplishment, nonetheless, and are excited about the butchering, sausage making, and bacon curing that comes next!  More on that soon.


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Pigs

  1. Aw that’s sad about the second pig 😦 You can’t use it for meat because it was sick? Bye bye piggie piggies. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you!

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