Sausage and Bacon

There seriously is nothing like home made sausage. Graham made ginger & sage breakfast sausage, tasty Italian sausage links.

We had some fantastic music on our playlist to set the sausage-making mood, inspired by Kramer.

Possibly one of the best creations ever is the house-cured-and-smoked bacon that Graham made from both halves of the pork belly.

The bacon has added amazing flavor so far to breakfast, beans, soup, bolognese sauce, spagetti carbonara, and this unbelievable meatloaf taken from the America’s Test Kitchen recipe.

I have a whole new respect for Charcuterie–the art of curing meats. Graham took his recipes from the book by the title of Charcuterie by Mark Rhulman.  The book is amazing.  I can’t wait to try more things in the future with another pig — pancetta, hams, hopefully salami’s… oh and I’d love to do some corned beef soon!  I’ve seen several articles in my favorite food magazines lately about meat curing, and I feel like artisan meat curing artisans are serious rock stars of the culinary world. I would LOVE to see us get into doing value-added meat products one day when we have enough capital to invest in the equipment necessary to be certified to craft these kinds of beautiful foods for sale.


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