One Chicken=Three Meals

Allow me to introduce you to Shannon Hayes at  If you have an interest in cooking and eating grass-fed and pastured meat, you should know of her work.   She is a farmer at Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Upstate, NY.  She has authored two cookbooks: Grassfed Gourmet, and The Farmer and the Grill.   She’s written a number of articles on her blog that I’ve found extremely helpful in managing a kitchen that revolves around the economical use of grassfed meat and pastured poultry.

I want to share several of her great ideas, but I’ll start with this one.  Please check out this great article about the economical use of a whole pasture-raised chicken. She says whole chicken is the best bargain at the farmers market, and I agree–I’ve been cooking chicken in this general manner since well before we decided to raise them ourselves!

One Chicken, Three Meals: The Best Bargain at the Farmers’ Market