We just got PIGS!

Graham’s been working hard to prepare a place for 2 pigs here on the farm, and preparing his truck to be able to transport them. He picked them up this evening with the help of his bro.  They’re Large Black/Hampshire females. They’re 14 weeks old and about 50 pounds. They should grow to be around 250 lbs!!  Naturally, they weren’t too sure about getting off the truck and had to be coaxed a bit…one got loose in the yard and the guys managed to somehow get her into their penned-in area.  We’ve never been around pigs before, so this should be a fun learning experience for all of us. Ephraim warmed up to them quickly, and it seems he’ll be just as excited about them as he is the chickens.



Ephraim is ONE!!

My precious baby turned ONE today!

I think he’s loving being a farm boy!

What do you think?

I think he’s perfectly adorable.

We had a beautifully cool day today. Fall is certainly in the air–and it feels GREAT!

Happy Birthday Ephraim!!

We have more chickens!

We got 12 more hens and a rooster last week! The hens are young, and some are just starting to lay eggs, and the others should be starting to give us eggs soon.

We’re getting about 6 eggs a day now.

Ephraim is CRAZY about the chickens. Visiting with them is his favorite thing to do these days.  He already says “chicken” and “bawk bawk bawk” — all the time!

The first few nights the chickens were here, they didn’t figure out they were supposed to sleep in their coop. We had to fish them out of the nearby trees each night to put them in their home.  They’re more familiar with where to sleep and lay now. Each day, their house gets moved to a new spot in the yard for them to fertilize, and their fence gets moved to fresh grass every few days. They’ve done a great job cleaning up the weeds in our yard!

A tour of our garden

This is what our veggie garden looks like.

In this section we have different kinds of pumpkins, winter squash, and green beans behind that, and corn behind that.

This is where the potatoes and tomatoes are growing.

And then we have the melons, more winter squash varieties, cucumbers on the tepees, tomatoes, and behind all that (and not shown) are peppers and summer squash.

The watermelons are getting bigger.

I picked some cantaloupe today.

And some cherry tomatoes for our salad tonight, and an acorn squash.

And all this!! Those green spotted oval squash are a mysterious breed that was supposed to actually be spaghetti squash, which is yellow. I’ll be interested to see what it looks like inside!!!

We have a chicken!

Yep. One chicken.

She was a gift. She got dropped off here yesterday and she’s making herself at home.

Would you believe this is the first animal I’ve had since the 5 goldfish I named after the New Kids on the Block when I was 10? I’m calling her Sola (Spanish for alone or only one).

Sola was a backyard chicken. She had some friends in her previous home, but predators got them . We’ll have to find her some new friends.

She gave us a lovely brown egg today. Just enough for Ephraim’s breakfast tomorrow! Graham had an idea to take a picture of this cracked egg tomorrow and then compare it to her eggs in a few weeks to see if her improved diet of more fresh grass has made the yolks any darker — and therefore higher quality.  We’ll have to do that.

farm visit

We visited a local farm last night called No Goats No Glory. The couple was kind enough to show us around their operation, and how they’re managing their pigs, goats, & chickens sustainably. We were so amazed to find out that they had put an offer on the farm that we bought.  They made their offer the same weekend as us!!  Wow!   What are the odds of that!? Seriously!   Their place is great, though, and they seem to be off to a great start with a good bunch of healthy, happy animals.

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Ephraim hasn’t gotten to be around many animals yet, so he was really fascinated to see all the livestock roaming around.